Warranty Info

Our products are proudly Made in the USA and we stand behind our workmanship 100%.  Anything found to be defective due to material or workmanship will be repaired or replaced under warranty at no cost to the customer.  Even if there is damage not due to material or workmanship, Silent Manufacturing will work with the customer to get them a repaired or replaced item at little and possibly no cost to the customer if it’s their first warranty claim.

Silent Manufacturing reserves the right to deny a warranty claim if it’s found the the device was damaged due to negligence, improper ammo (for rated calibers), improperly reloaded ammo, defective ammo, barrel threads out of specifications, or careless handling.


Full Auto Rating

Any calibers that are rated for full auto have a limit of 50 rounds before a cool down period of 3-5 minutes.  Do NOT attempt to cool faster than natural air cooling.  Attempting to cool a suppressor with forced air, water, or any other means of rapid cooling can weaken or damage a suppressor making it unsafe.